hello my friend

My first experience with professional photography was when I had engagements photos taken eight years ago – I was absolutely hooked. I spent hours shuffling through beautiful images online, wanting this art to adorn my walls. Fast-forward a few years and insert my children. I received my first camera for Christmas from my husband after I found myself desperately trying to slow down time. I wanted to memorize every knuckle dimple on the tiniest fingers, how each and every eyelash fell on those soft, round cheeks, and the warmth I felt when a sweet smile was directed at me. I couldn’t bear to forget any of it. 

I'm Paige

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Photography is the creative that absolutely sets my soul on fire, keeps me awake at night, and always pushing forward. When I am able to provide others with precious memories of fleeting moments I have succeeded and nothing would honor me more than gaining your trust, confidence and friendship.

I'm grateful you are here.
I hope you take your time and stay a while. 

Enough about me
 I want to hear about you

Enough about me, 
I want to hear all about you

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a few of my most favorite things





Coffee. In all shapes, sizes and flavors.

Stormy weather on a day I have nowhere to be. 

Being a mama. I'm so proud to have that title. 

Movie soundtracks. The more emotion the better.