A carefree family session in the mountains of Montana. Family and Maternity Photographer Based in Victoria, Texas. Watching the magic of this fairytale session unfold before my eyes is a feeling I’ll never let go of. It was a cool 60 degrees in Glacier National park as I arrived with several other women who’d traveled […]

January 16, 2023

Glacier Park Family Session

Golden-Hour Sunset Session in Edna, Texas. Family Photographer based in Victoria, Texas. When a client has a location that holds special meaning to them and asks if I mind traveling for their session my heart just jumps for joy. The change of scenery is of course always welcomed, but there’s also something magical that unfolds […]

November 26, 2022

Sun-Soaked Family Session

A meaningful golden-hour family session in Victoria, Texas. Family photographer based in Victoria, Texas. There is one thing that’s constant in this life and that is change. Whether the change be positive or negative, having your loved ones by your side as your life shifts is certainly comforting and assuring. I was incredibly honored to […]

May 5, 2022

Celebrating Change for a Growing Family

Focusing more on connection and less on distraction. Family Photographer based in Victoria, Texas. There are plenty of nerves and stresses involved as you prepare to rally the troops for a family photo session. From worrying that your toddler will be uncooperative to fearing your partner will lose interest and be ready to hop in […]

April 4, 2022

3 tips for a successful joy-filled Family Session

A joy-filled sunset session in Edna, Texas. Family photographer based in Victoria, Texas.  There’s one specific thing that comes to mind when I think of this beautiful family – JOY. As soon as everyone tumbled out of the car at our location in Edna laughter ensued. We played games and sister and brother ran through […]

February 15, 2022

Golden Fields Family Session